Car  and 4WD Air Conditioning

Auto air conditioning is a necessity in Australian ask any driver, it is not a luxury, and we all know that comfortable and stress-free drivers make safer road users. That is why here at Stephen Pender Auto Electrical and Air Conditioning have invested in the latest car air conditioning testing and servicing equipment available.

The benefits of our car air conditioning services

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system should not allow refrigerant gas to escape. Thus by law, an air conditioning technician is not allowed to recharge a vehicle air conditioning system until the fault is fixed.

By having your car air conditioning system serviced with new filter, refrigerant and lubricant every two years. You can be confident that it will continue operating at its most efficient and economical levels.

A complete car air conditioning service

We have over 24 years experience in air conditioning including all aspects of automotive systems from air conditioning to climate control inspections and servicing to repairs and aftermarket installations.

With our ARC – Australian Refrigeration Council accreditation AU09610, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a car air conditioning services centre that you can trust.

Auto Air Conditioning System

We use quality parts