Batteries for all applications

At Stephen Pender Auto Electrical and Air Conditioning we are proud to be the preferred suppliers of the high-quality range of Century batteries. Our expert technician can supply and install a battery that is perfectly matched to your vehicle’s electrical requirements at a price that may pleasantly surprise you.

We have in stock batteries to suit most applications for cars, SUVs, truck, RVs, caravans and boats.

If we don’t have a special fitment available we will organise it.

If you need an auxiliary battery and dual battery system installations for motor homes and caravans. Or need a better battery for your boat or recreational vehicle contact us today for the best battery for your application.

Quality Batteries that are built to last

When we install one of our quality brand name batteries you can be confident that you are purchasing a product that is built to last and give many years of reliable service. The electrical systems on modern vehicles place a huge demand on the battery and it is essential that a replacement is fitted that can cope with those demands. From standard usage to specialised deep-cycle units, we have them all right here in stock ready to fit.

Choosing the right car battery

With fuel consumption and exhaust emissions becoming an increasing concern for both motorists and those who control their use of the roads, it is essential that our clients receive the best advice when it comes to choosing the correct battery for their vehicle. Not all car batteries are created equal, and drivers need to know that the unit they install is capable of keeping up with the demands that the latest vehicle technology places upon it.BRC-Logo

We are an ethical business, and we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, and to this end we are pleased to be an approved Century Yuasa battery recycling centre.

Batteries for Cranking, Deep Cycle, Auxiliary, Marine, 4WD and Industrial

The Century Advantage

The Century Advantage

1. Hybrid Plate Group
Improves strength, reduces plate growth and enhances battery life.

2. Radial Grid Design
Lower electrical resistance for higher starting power and faster recharge.

3. Longer Life Plates
Thicker cast construction and paste coating of the positive grid to increase battery life.

4. Centre Lug
Central position for improved current flow and vibration resistance.

5. Superior Plate Separation
Advanced envelope separator material providing increased puncture resistance and protection from short circuit.

6. Built-In Water Indicator
On-the-spot diagnosis of the batteries state of charge.

7. Hinged Vent Cover
Easy access for maintenance to maximise battery life.

8. Mud Rack Design
Specialist support racks for plates, minimises short circuit and vibration.

Batteries for all applications